Update re: a letter from a customer and fan

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a letter from a customer who found great relief from acute sunburns on his scalp after using Glissandra Serum. Pino has since written again to share a lesson he learned about staying vigilant with sun protection.

When I sent you my testimonial a while ago, I forgot to mention that after healing my scalp I became a little complacent and stopped using the Serum for some time as I kept procrastinating ordering a new supply. When I saw my scalp starting to deteriorate again, I resumed the Serum application and gradually it restored my scalp skin as before. I don’t intend to have that happen again…

As we move into the spring and summer months, with long days of glorious sunshine, it is important to continue using the proper products to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

A letter from a customer and fan

At our head office in Vancouver, Canada, the Glissandra team is always thrilled to receive letters, emails, and phone calls from enthusiastic customers – and sometimes their spouse! – who can’t wait to share the incredible experiences they’ve had since they were first introduced to Glissandra. It makes our day and reminds us of how lucky we are to be making a difference in people’s lives.
We don’t like to gloat, but we have some of the best customers and fans around! Take Pino, who splits his time between Vancouver and sunny California. He’s given us permission to share his unedited letter with you, in hopes of helping other people who have similar issues.
I had acute sunburn problems on my scalp for a long time, as I am Bald & enjoy exercising outdoor. I used to put on a lot of sun block, but that did not help with the development of redness with an expanded whitish colored skin, sometimes leading to blisters & scars. My skin was so delicate that only a light touch would generate a blister. Also my scalp had developed scalings.
Since using the Glissandra serum, my scalp has much improved. To ensure I have maximum protection I always put on an extra layer of serum just before doing sports under the sun (particularly in California where I spend quite a bit of time). I do not have blister problems anymore, and the scarred tissues are healed; even the pigmentation has improved greatly.
Thank you for sharing your story with us, Pino. We appreciate your support!