Celebrate Valentine’s Day With TWO Special Bonus Offers from Glissandra 姿羨 情人節酬賓優惠

February is the perfect time to celebrate the ones you love – including you! And since the eyes are the window to your soul, here are a couple of special Valentine’s treats for your peepers.

1. Until Valentine’s Day, when you purchase our complete Glissandra Skincare system (Serum, Face Cream, and Eye Cream), we’ll send you a bonus, full-size Eye Cream (retail value of $88US), and…

2. When you sponsor a new member who purchases a Quality Enroller Bonus (QEB) package at sign up, both the sponsor and the new member will EACH receive a bonus, full-size Eye Cream (retail value of $88US).

Show yourself some love with our rejuvenating Eye Cream, packed with a trio of potent ingredients – Glissandrin(TM), Eyeliss(TM), and Haloxyl(TM) – to reduce under eye circles, calm puffiness, and erase fine lines. Or share it with your loved ones!

Place your order today. This offer is valid from February 1, 2012 – February 14, 2012, while quantities last.

本公司從今天起 , 到 2 月 14 日止 , 慶祝情人節酬賓活動 :

1. 凡會員購買一套產品 ( 精華素 + 臉霜 + 眼霜 ), 會獲贈眼霜一盒 .

2. 凡推薦新會員加入 , 而該新會員購買一套 ”優質會員迎新套裝” (QEB) , 新會員和推薦人都會獲贈眼霜一盒 .

Glissandra Eye Cream